What I’m bringing to San Diego Comic Con 2016

So if your a first timer or bebeen going to SDCC for years, one thing that crosses everyone’s mind as we get closer to the event is what am I going to bring.  I have had the luxury of being able to plan ahead and been able to drive in to San Diego which afforded me the ability to bring all kinds of different gear for different situations to tackle hanging out on the convention floor or the dreaded camping out for Hall H.  This year I will be flying in so having to be flexible while making sure I’m comfortable are going to be key.  One thing I will admit I am a tactical nylon junkie.  I have a ton of packs and bags I have had over the years and love the organization a lot of these bags and packs bring.  With that you also have to be conscious of what and how you load these bags out,  as I’ve learned it can be a burden especially if you have lug stuff back to your hotel room.  So let’s get started.

This year SDCC unlike previous years in recent memory, sent attendees their badges in advance instead of having people pick up their badges at registration.  These badges have a unique RFID card which SDCC hopes will reduce the counterfeiting of badges for the event.  So instead of waiting to get a lanyard at SDCC,  I am bringing the RDIF Passport/ID Holder by Vanquest.  I chose this for a couple of reasons:

  • The Clear ID section where the badge is kept WILL NOT block the RDIF signal.
  • It WILL block RDIF signals of things I do not want to transmitt openly like my credit or debit cards.
  • It has great organization with room for my debit cards, cash, business cards, pens, even cellphone.
  • Keeps all this close to my chest so it’s pretty secure and in my “workspace” so that I’m not fumbling around in my pockets or my bag for my stuff.

Another cool plus is that you can accessorize the holder in hook and loop field with morale patches.  This retro nintendo contoller patch I got from American Sheepdog which has a couple of “geeky” patches and a lot of tactical ones.  You can search and pretty much find almost anything you want, another place I recommend is Orca Industries which has a lot of unique patches as well.

So the other accessory that will be bringing is the Vanquest Mobius 2.0.  I have brought back packs in the past which I have eventually weighed down in the past with stuff which have killed my shoulders by the end of the day and I believe that there are certain situations that call for a backpack, such as “camping out” and staying in Hall H, for the most part I have found you want to have a smaller bag when attending, because SDCC gives you a huge bag for your swag and if you buy something from the floor or go to any of the swag booths you will probably get more bags.  The problem is bringing essentials with you to the convention to make your experience more enjoyable.  So to start of here is a list of items I’m packing in my bag:

The Mobius fits all this with room to spare.  It can be sniched down with the compression strap or can be expanded to hold more.  Should you weigh it down, there is a built in belt to help burden the weight should you get shoulder fatigue. I also like being able to stuff smaller items right away rather than reaching over my back pack to store stuff or in my pockets.  The bag is also ambidextrous.  I actually use this bag as my Every Day Carry bag and has served me well since Vanquest has released this latest version of the Mobius.

I hope you enjoyed this post of what I am bringing to SDCC on a daily basis.  I realize there are a ton of options out there when it comes to this stuff, but for me after a lot of trial and error this is what has evolved for me personally so far.  You can find cheaper versions of a lot of stuff on the list but in my experience, you pay for what you get.  Please comment and let me know what you think.